man turns himself in

According to multiple internet sources, a man was arrested for turning himself in for reward money on Monday.

After a string of robberies in the Detroit area, cops were puzzled. A campaign was set up to offer a $50,000 reward for the person responsible for these robberies.

After seeing himself on TV, an unnamed 52yr old man who was responsible for the robberies thought he would cash in on the reward money by turning himself in.

Things did not go as planned for the accused robber.

After calling a local crime number, the man said he had information leading to the arrest of the robbery suspect. He agreed to meet police to present the evidence he had proving who the robber was.

Apparently the suspect brought a duffel bag he had also used in the crime and asked if the $50,000 reward would fit inside of the bag. He demanded the reward to be paid in all $20’s and also requested an extra $5 in quarters to do some laundry on the way home.

Police arrested the suspect. The also took the duffel bag as evidence.

police arrest man

“I just want my check” said the man, who refused to offer any more statements.



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